In The Community

In the Community

Liverpool FC International Academy MA is committed to giving back to our local communities and in doing so have partnered with organizations which impact the lives of those who live and work throughout our communities each and every day. Throughout the course of our club season, our coaches, teams and players participate in awareness events to support these organizations and their missions through the game of soccer.

Reds Soccer

Reds Soccer For All was founded in 2020 with the belief that all kids should have the opportunity to play soccer and is committed to removing the barriers that inhibit access. In partnership with the Liverpool FC International Academies of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, Reds Soccer aims to provide equitable opportunity for youth and coaches to pursue their soccer experience. In particular, our programming highlights grassroots youth soccer programming, coaching education, and access-based grants and scholarships to be provided in identified partner communities throughout southern New England. Reds Soccer understands the inherent obstacles to play that exist and strives to remove those barriers ensuring that the youth in our communities can all share in their passion for the beautiful game.