Liverpool Football Club

Our History: 125+ Years

Liverpool FC is one of the most recognized and storied English Premier League teams in the history of European Football. Established in Liverpool, England, Liverpool FC was founded in 1892 by John Houdling and named for its city of origin.  It was born out of the ashes of adversity and from the ruins of one of its most visceral rivalries, Everton when a disagreement between John Houdling and the Everton club spurred a split.  This sharp divide between two worthy opponents splits the city of Liverpool during football season into the “Reds” and the “Blues.”

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Far more popular, successful and well-known the “red club,” Liverpool FC has earned its right to be recognized as one of the top 5 football clubs in the world.  With more European trophies than any other English club, including five European Cups, three UEFA Cups, and three UEFA Super Cups, Liverpool has dominated the football market for more than 120 years.   The history and heritage along with the legendary players that have come from Liverpool including such greats as Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, Steve Heighway and Steven Gerrard, along with famous managers Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley, the brand is iconic and has set the standard the world over for training, development and a pride that burns within the heart of its fans. 


Founded in 1892, joining the English football league the following year, Liverpool FC has played at Anfield since its formation. The most successful period in Liverpool’s history was the 1970s and ’80s when Bill Shankly and Bob Pailsey led the club to eleven league titles and seven European trophies.


The club motto of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” embraces the total reverence and pride Liverpudlieans the world over recognize as the culture among supporters.  Drawn from the Rogers and Hammerstein Musical, Carousel, the song speaks to tough challenges and the unwavering desire fans have to support one another regardless of the tough struggles and challenges they face.


Creating a culture that has become lore among football clubs has not come easily.  Liverpool struggled for many of the early years in the second division.  Once brought up to the first division, the club guided by legendary managers Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly began to craft and insert parts of what we now call, “The Liverpool Way.”  Set deep within the culture of Liverpool are the values of honesty, integrity, character, quality, dedication and unity.  Family sets Liverpool apart the way that people treat one another comes alive within the walls of Anfield.  That spirit has carried the club through both the Heysel Disaster as well as the Hillsborough Disaster.  Both tragedies left the fans broken and disheartened but never alone; They would always and to this day stand beside each other; always cheering the beloved team before them.


Knowing that dreams are there to be achieved. Nothing is impossible.


Put your heart and soul into everything – go that last mile to do things right.


Earn respect through honesty and integrity.


Work together to bring the best out of each other, on and off the field.